Senior Software Engineer

Northwich, United Kingdom · Technology


Opening date: 25th October 2017

Closing date: 23rd November 2017

Salary: £40k - £70k

*Multiple roles available*

The Hut Group is a multi-website technology company that is reimaging online retail. A two-time Sunday Times profit track winner, we are a nimble giant with a start-up mentality. Built on a foundation of industry-leading technology, a world-class team and an intelligent approach to business, the Hut Group is fast becoming the world’s most important online retail organisation.

We are building the world’s best online retail technology platform & operate 60 high-profit health and beauty websites at global scale, serving 500 million visitors in over 190 countries worldwide.

We’re passionate about the power of big data and analytics, our technology provides scientific rigor to online retail, enabling us to make confidently make smart business decisions.

We are the epitome of real-time retail, our websites can adjust strategy based on the here-and-now to maximise profit and ensure our customers get the best experience, even during times of intense traffic.

Fuelled by an obsession with business models and the power of big data, THG’s young team of smart risk takers live by a “why not” philosophy, underpinned by a scientific rigor and technological excellence that has enabled them to successfully pioneer a new online retail landscape.

We are looking for outstandingly talented & ambitious technologists in a variety of disciplines to join the team and contribute to industry leading growth projects.

Job description:

Led by world class technologists a diverse range of background from Silicon Valley tech giants (Google, Amazon) through to Hedge funds and Algorithmic trading, you will be surrounding by high intellect and passionate colleagues.

We can offer challenging and impactful work across a number of different growth projects:

The innovation team conducts pioneering research but also is one of the leading development groups in the company. The goal of the team is truly ambitious - Using our wealth of customer behaviour data (customer visits, order history, search, click stream data) to talk to each customer personally, making them feel like we exactly know who they are and what they are interested in.

We work on cutting edge machine learning algorithms to deliver innovation that will improve user experience across all touchpoints with the customer, including product recommendations, search & discovery, on-site merchandising, automated pricing and mobile personalisation, CRM, online advertising, social media, logistics, promotions and much, much more.

As thought leaders in online retail a key hallmark of this team is the extent to which members can work with other groups, especially in more traditional business areas such as marketing, trading and buying.



Skills required:

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