Level 1 Support Analyst - Media City

Salford, England, United Kingdom · Technology


The Hut Group aims to be the World’s leading Online Health & Beauty Destination. We are currently the UK’s leading multi-website online retailer with rapidly growing global operations and a unique proprietary technology platform. With over 16 million customers worldwide and 400 million visits to our sites annually, we understand the importance of reliable technology and a data-driven expertise.

Our software is the core of our business and enables the company to continue to grow and thrive. The Group’s industry leading and proprietary technology platform powers its own consumer sites plus global media partners and brand owners, including: Unilever, Nintendo and the Daily Mail Group. We develop all of our own applications in-house with our Development Delivery Teams. In order to enable our Delivery Teams to continue to achieve, we are always looking for bright and intellectual people who are happy to push boundaries and really challenge the status quo.

Led by world-class technologists with a diverse range of backgrounds ranging from Silicon Valley tech giants (Google, Amazon) through to Hedge funds and Algorithmic Trading Firms. You will be surrounded by highly intellectual and passionate colleagues, all with the common goal to help us grow this business globally, fast.


Backed by global giants KKR and Blackrock, The Hut Group’s acquisition of UK2 was a strategic opportunity to develop the existing proprietary technology platform behind our health and beauty brands. It also enhances the server infrastructure, programmatic development and platform security.

As veterans in the hosting industry, UK2 Group have been providing internet services on a global scale for over 15 years, pioneering the mass adoption of many breakthrough technologies. With experience which spans two decades, we have seen the online landscape alter beyond recognition, and have adapted our service offering in accordance with the rapid developments in hardware capabilities, data transfer speeds and global business demands.


A Level 1 Technician should have a good Internet background including basic knowledge of DNS. This person should have experience working with HTML, understand common internet protocols, and be able to work within a Linux environment. An L1 Technician should have good communication and people skills, and excellent typing and writing skills, including proper spelling and grammar. Level 1 Technicians should have a working knowledge of common scripting languages.

All Level 1 Technicians are expected to perform, but are not limited to, the following duties:

1. Level 1 Technical Issues – Technical issues ranging from the most basic to level 2 technical issues.

2. Escalated level 2 Technical Issues – These issues are escalated from our level 1 technicians as being too difficult for our level 1 technicians.

3. Special Assignments – All UK2 Group employees are subject to special assignments based on their unique skills and talents


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